5 Ways His Hands Tell You If You Should (Or Shouldn't) Date Him

  • September 25, 2020

Alright, hands up! It's time for a pre-date inspection.

Your hands are the doorway to your soul and personality. The neural pathways of your brain reflect through the lines in the hands and they change over time based on how you think and how you react to your environment.

But there's a lot more to hands than just the lines. You can even tell if he's worth going on a date with! Here are some easy things to check for right when you meet him so you can decide if he's worth your time or not:

1. It's all about the handshake.

Have you ever shaken a man's hand and felt that he might break a bone in your hand? Beware of the overly firm handshake: it shows a need to dominate and control. Immediately run the other way.

I offer the same advice with a "limp fish" handshake. This is an indication that he has no energy and is really looking for alone time. He would disappoint you.

The best type of handshake is firm, but not crushing, warm with good eye contact. This shows that he has confidence, but is not looking to control you.

2. Feel the texture and softness of his hands.

The texture of the hand can vary significantly from person to person. Softness relates to sensitivity. If his hands are extremely soft, like he just put lotion on, this indicates extreme sensitivity. Beware of this texture, he will expect you to do everything.

Rock hard hands are equally problematic. They show a lack of sensitivity. Basically, you would need to spell out everything for him explicitly for him to get it.

The ideal softness is somewhere in between. His hands should be soft, but not too soft. Definitely, they must feel pleasant to hold. Firmer hands are found more on the jock types and softer hands are found on the more bookish types. Similar to your own hands is often preferable.

3. Inspect the length of his thumb.

The thumb represents your willpower and ability to manifest things in the world. If his thumb is small and wimpy, be forewarned. He will have difficulty following through with what he says.

If his thumb is big and strong, he will be able to achieve and direct his life. But look out if it's too stiff, this indicates stubbornness.

4. Check how his little finger looks.

The little finger is nicknamed Mercury, named after the Roman god of communication. This juicy little finger should be straight. When it is, it shows he is a straightforward communicator and is open and trusting.

Unfortunately, it's common for this finger to bend toward the ring finger. When this happens, it shows that he has his guard up and is not telling you everything. He also may have trouble getting intimate with you.

5. The size of his thumb ball says a lot.

This is the bulge located next to the thumb. It's also referred to as the "Venus mount". It represents giving energy as well as physical energy and pleasure. If this area is flat, it shows he has no energy to give you. The bigger it is, the more physical he will be. This includes sexual appetite and other appetites as well.

For example, someone with a big Venus mount may want to work out a lot or eat a lot. It's best if he has a bulge in this area without it being out of proportion to the rest of his hand.