Your Roadmap to Happiness

  • September 25, 2020

Although it can be easy to forget, we are spiritual beings on this planet with the ultimate purpose of learning our individual life lessons. And, as much as we’d sometimes prefer to just hang out or skate by, mastering these lessons is how we thrive and what leads to our becoming happier, more fulfilled humans. Often, it’s also the key to attracting, finding, and keeping the love we seek.

Each person’s life lessons are unique, but there are major themes we all share.

One of the things I love about being a soulmate palmist is all the ways the things we most need to know about ourselves show up in our hands. The ten major life lesson themes are among those things we can find in our hands, and they map perfectly to our fingers. Actually, they show up in our fingerprints. Fingerprints form five months before birth, so when you are born, they are fully formed and they never change.

When I read someone’s fingerprints, I am reading them like a roadmap.

I’d like to share an overview of that roadmap with you here, looking at each finger and its associated lesson.

Right Hand, Thumb

The right thumb represents results and being able to achieve results in the real world, including those related to love.

If this is your lesson, you are going to probably experience some failures because failure is part of the learning process.

We have to fail sometimes before we can succeed.

Right Hand, Index Finger

In palmistry, we call the index finger Jupiter.

The right Jupiter finger relates to power and power struggles.

If you’re working on this life lesson, you may have feelings of powerlessness or low confidence. In relationships, you may end up choosing somebody who dominates you and creating a situation where you open the door for them and say, “you're more important than I am.”

Right Hand, Middle Finger

We call the middle finger Saturn, and on the right hand, Saturn relates to duties and responsibilities.

When this finger is a lesson, it can represent errors made in accepting or assigning responsibility.

Too little responsibility means you blame everybody else for all the problems of the world. Too much responsibility shows up as taking on responsibilities that don’t really belong to you. In the first instance, you may need to look at yourself and ask what are you doing to contribute to the problem? In the second, it might be that you are over-giving and not allowing other people in your life to take personal responsibility or to learn something or do something on their own.

Right Hand, Ring Finger

The ring finger is Apollo or sun finger, and on the right hand, it relates to being seen.

It's how you show up in the world and how you are spreading your sun energy, your light. If this is your life lesson, you may find that in a relationship you are hiding aspects of yourself, or you may not even want to show up for the relationship. You might be afraid to have the other person see who you really are and accept the vulnerability that comes with that.

Right Hand, Little Finger

The little finger is our Mercury finger, and while it may be little, it's got a big lesson on both hands.

On your right hand, it is your finger of communication, and it is about learning the difference between when to speak and when to be quiet and listen since 80% of communication is actually listening and nonverbal.

If this is your lesson, it may be either that you are always talking and never stop to listen to anyone else, or that you never speak up at all. In either case, you are probably missing out on lots of great conversations, and either you or your partner (or both!) aren’t getting your needs met.

If you need to listen more, you can practice this by asking your partner questions and listening to the answers with patience and curiosity. And, if you find you are quietly fuming inside because your partner doesn’t get you or understand what you need, you might need to remind yourself that people can’t read your mind, so you need to practice being clear and expressing your desires, needs, and wants rather than expecting your partner to just know.

Left Hand, Thumb

The left thumb relates to family and community.

If we have a lesson in family and community, we may feel like an outsider, like we don't belong, and we may wonder who we do belong with. Sometimes we may have trouble with our birth family, maybe a parent who was not there for us when we were young, and this may carry forward into adulthood, as well. And this can definitely affect relationships. So the lesson may be learning to always feel like you do belong, even if you think the evidence says you don't because belonging ultimately starts within ourselves.

The left thumb is also about choosing an appropriate community or appropriate family for ourselves.

This is a big one in terms of relationships. It may be asking you to consider, are you actually attracting inappropriate partners? Chances are, you don't know who is the most compatible for you, and your left thumb lesson is asking you to figure that out. And sometimes you have to learn from bad experiences.

As an example, when I first started dating, my very first boyfriend was not a very good match for the long-term, and yet I dated him for five years. We had our ups and downs and it was a volatile relationship, but because I was so young, I didn't understand that I didn’t need to stay in the relationship for so long or that I had the freedom to choose to be with someone else.

Ultimately each lesson helps us to grow and so does every relationship if we let it.

Left Hand, Index Finger

The left Jupiter finger actually holds the most common lesson, so chances are this lesson shows up in your fingerprint, and possibly in the prints of several people, you know.

It has to do with boundaries. Boundary violation, being a victim, and feeling like you're a victim is all part of left Jupiter.

Ultimately, it's about finding what you're passionate about, claiming your personal power. It's about owning up to who you are, owning up to your responsibility for yourself as an individual, and taking a stand for your life and what's important to you.

Because we're looking to create and maintain appropriate boundaries, it's important to definitely speak your truth if you feel someone has violated you. However, try to do it in a way that is compassionate and ultimately not going to create negative karma for you.

Keep in mind, the universe is always fair, no matter what appears to be the case outwardly.

Left Hand, Middle Finger

The middle finger of the left-hand offers the second most common lesson, that of self-worth, which also often ties in with guilt issues.

So many people struggle with self-worth and, and it shows up all over the hands. Problems of not seeing or owning your value, seeing yourself as a wretched little creature--these things are horrible to put into your brain.

You absolutely need to touch back into the value of who you are and recognize you are a strong and powerful spiritual being in a human existence.

You are divine.

You are already perfect just as you are. And when you don't feel that, or you're not in touch with that from a self-worth standpoint, you're going to really struggle in relationships. You're more likely to attract what I call a fatal attraction, meaning you're going to call in somebody who is toxic for you and create a very painful situation.

Ultimately, I would love to help people not go through that much pain, and to learn from that lesson. The quicker and stronger you can build up your own self-worth, the better off you're going to be in your life and your life mastery.

Left Hand, Ring Finger

The left ring finger has to do with self-approval, and is, as you might guess, also fairly common.

This lesson is about learning to be on your own side, not automatically assuming everyone else is right and you're wrong. In a way, it ties in a little bit with the left thumb lesson. It's about approving of yourself, being okay with your individuality, and living into that whole essence of who you are authentically and saying, “it's okay that I am this way; I really like who I am.”

Being able to share who you truly are is not only important to you as an individual but is important to your relationships, as well. You owe it to yourself and your partner to be authentic.

Left Hand, Little Finger

And finally, we've got the left little finger, which has to do with intimacy and trust, tying in the communication of the right little finger.

The lesson asks you to determine whether you are allowing yourself to get to know someone enough that you can be intimate with them safely. And if you have this as a lesson, again, you're probably going to make mistakes one way or the other.

When you don’t have this one dialed in yet, you're going to either jump into relationships too fast, where you have sex after one date or two dates, or you're going to cut yourself off to the point of believing you hate relationships and don’t want or need them.

As a soulmate palmist, I really do believe that relationships are very worthwhile. That's the whole point of why I do what I do.

Life has so much more meaning when it is shared and you can grow so much from relationships that it is totally worth mastering this lesson and taking the time to find and build the right relationship, one that is harmonious and loving and where there's a balance between giving and receiving.

The important thing to remember about life lessons is that they are for our benefit; they help us grow, evolve, and flourish into the full capacity for which we were born. They are not here to beat us up, or punish us. They are here to help us become more of who we are authentically.

So if you are looking for love and you are feeling like you're ready to step up to the plate, you're ready to master your life lessons, remember that 95% of achieving that is about your inner game. When you can master the inner game, you can master the game of love--you can master the game of life, and it totally wants to be mastered!.

The universe wants for you, what you want for yourself.