4 Meditation ‘Mudras’ That Will Help Attract Your Soulmate (Yes, Really)

  • July 12, 2019

Manifest your soulmate through meditation.

When looking for love or trying to find “the one” or your soulmate, it’s important to not just look externally but to look inward to yourself as well.

Spending time on guided meditation and focusing on making yourself happy and whole is just as important as finding someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. That way, when you do find your soulmate, you’re entering the relationship as a healthy, complete person.

For this reason, meditation is one of the most important and yet often overlooked ways to reach out through the universe to find the soul that truly resonates with yours.

You’re probably familiar with “mantras,” which are chants or phrases that you can use to focus yourself while meditating, but there are also “mudras,” which are positions to place your hands in that can unlock and tap into certain energies. These energies can include creativity, optimism, and yes, even love.

The practice of palmistry, which is reading a person’s hands for insight into everything from their health to their personality, reveals just how important a person’s hands are when it comes to finding — and keeping — love.

By looking at your own hands, it’s also easy to find certain personality traits and experiences that may be blocking you from potential in everything from romance to your career.

Your hands hold a lot of sway in your love life, and if you want to really open yourself to finding “the one” and unlocking your ability to tap into those potential energies that will draw your soulmate to you, then you need to take a few minutes a day to practice your mudras.

Here are 4 mudras you can use during meditation to attract your soulmate into your life and awareness:

1. The “dreamer” mudra


This mudra is done by placing your hands slightly together, with the palms up and your fingers gently open so that the only parts touching are the sides of your palms and the edges of your little fingers.

The mudra helps you open up to the realm of infinite possibilities, where you can manifest your dreams about who your ideal soulmate would be.

It’s important to dream about your soulmate so that when you do finally meet them, you’ll have an instant knowledge and understanding of why and who they are.

Use this mudra to connect with your own desires. What are you looking for in a soulmate? What do you need from them?

2. The “lovers” mudra


Touch your thumbs together and place your index fingers together at the nails. Interlock all your other fingers with each other.

This is the “lovers” mudra, which is a good mudra to focus your energy on while you’re looking for your soulmate.

This particular mudra helps you connect with your relationship energy. It opens the heart chakra and balances your masculine and feminine sides so that you can more easily attract a loving relationship. Focus on embracing your whole self while you meditate on this mudra.

3. The “investigator” mudra


Place your thumbs together in front of you, then place your little fingers together, both of them pointing up. Turn your index, middle, and ring fingers down so that they touch at the lower knuckles.

The investigator mudra will help bring you the spirit of exploration and open your eyes to the possibilities around you. There may be some wonderful soulmate matches around you that you never would have noticed because you didn’t know where to look.

This mudra helps you release any subconscious fears about a potential soulmate relationship during your meditation.

This mudra helps open you to the information that’s all around you and also embolden your willpower so that you can actually manifest your soulmate relationship.

4. The “sun” mudra


To perform this mudra, simply hold your hands up in front of you and gently touch your ring fingers togethers at the top phalange (your fingertips).

The sun mudra is designed to help you tap into your optimism and creativity. It also addresses how you present yourself, and may even inspire you to take different action with your physical looks.

Want to show off your uniqueness, or let your inner radiance shine?

This mudra will help you be more creative and open with your inner and outer beauty so that it’s completely obvious to your soulmate when you finally do meet!

These mudras are meant to be performed daily to help give you the greatest benefit, but here are a few tips for enhancing your effectiveness:

  • Breathe deeply as you go into your meditation and begin your mudra.

  • Call in the archetype you’re invoking. For example, say or think, “I call in and welcome the dreamer archetype to help me open the realm of infinite possibilities so I can attract my soulmate match.” Setting an intention when you begin meditating makes it more effective.

  • Envision who you’re calling into your life like they’re already present for you. For example, imagine your fear dropping away and feel love entering your heart chakra. See yourself with a partner who loves and adores you.

  • Recognize that you deserve happiness. During meditation, you may even want to say (or think) “I deserve to have a happy, loving relationship with a soulmate partner.”

Begin your meditation by closing your eyes and holding the mudra you’re focusing on for several minutes every day. You may wish to do a longer meditation with each of these mudras, but doing one at a time is fine as well; just pick the one you feel you need in that moment.

If you’re really short on time, you can go into the mudra and focus on the word “love,” or set a timer on your phone for a few minutes.

Practicing these daily meditation rituals and mudras will help open you to the love of a soulmate relationship and enter into a happier relationship with yourself, too!